Genetic Testing in Cardiology: Increasing Awareness and Understanding.



What You Will Learn

  • How to identify inherited cardiac conditions including cardiomyopathies, arrhythmic and lipid disorders that benefit from genetic testing

  • The utility and best practices of cardiogenomic testing

  • Implications of genetic testing on treatment planning for patients and first-degree relatives

Recognizing Mendelian (Monogenic) Cardiovascular Disease

This infographic, developed by Anwar Chahal, MD, PhD, FACC, highlights the indicators to look out for when considering cardiogenomic testing and the benefits of genetic testing.

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Listen to experts discuss about the benefits of cardiogenomic testing in the context of specific inherited cardiac conditions.

Expert Video

Experts share their knowledge in video format.

We are grateful to these distinguished faculty who contributed to this collection:


Akl Fahed, MD, MPH, FACC (Chair)

Anwar Chahal, MD, PhD, FACC

Carolyn Ho, MD
Dianna Milewicz, MD, PhD
Pradeep Natarajan, MD, FACC


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