With a focus on essential skills and knowledge for current, new and associate training program directors, this asynchronous, online course provides participants with the opportunity to review crucial elements of the program director position.

Participants will review ACGME process and procedures, including Accreditation, Common Program Requirements and Subspecialty Requirements.


Participants will review components of Accreditation, including PEC and CCC, self-study, scholarly activity and QI Fellowship requirements.


Participants will review and apply NRMP and ERAS processes, definitions and rules to recruitment and match efforts.


Participants will review advantages of using the logic model and curriculum map in currriculum development and explain how to develop curriculums around COCATS recommendations.


Participants will review how to work with underperformance in learners and faculty, as well as explore the process of remediation.


Participants will review competency-based education, assessment and evaluation, and will apply assessment aids, such as the ACC milestone mapping tools.



Meet the Faculty
 Planning Committee Members 

Dr. Kathryn L. Berlacher, MD, FACC
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Dr. Julie B. Damp, MD, FACC
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Dr. Chittur A. Sivaram, MBBS, FACC
David Ross Boyd Professor and
Vice Chief of Cardiovascular Section
University of Oklahoma


Accreditation Pt. 1 - Subject Matter Experts

Dr. James A. Arrighi, MD, FACC
Dr. Donna M. Polk, MD, MPH, FACC

Accreditation Pt. 2 - Subject Matter Experts

Dr. Srinath Adusumalli, MD
Dr. Joshua E. Levenson, MD
Dr. Lisa A. Mendes, MD, FACC
Dr. Melanie S. Sulistio, MD, FACC
Dr. Victor Soukoulis, MD, FACC

Recruitment and Match

Dr. Gaby Weissman, MD, FACC
Dr. Chittur A. Sivaram, MBBS, FACC

Curriculum Development

Dr. Alex J. Auseon, DO, FACC
Dr. Kathryn L. Berlacher, MD, FACC

Management Skills

Dr. Alison Bailey, MD, FACC
Dr. Jonathan R. Enriquez, MD, FACC
Dr. Glenn Hirsch, MD, MHS, FACC
Dr. John A. McPherson, MD, FACC
Jeanette Wheeler, C-TAGME

Assessment and Evaluation

Dr. Lorrel E. Brown, MD, FACC
Dr. Julie B. Damp, MD, FACC
Dr. Sanjeev A. Francis, MD, FACC
Dr. Sandhya Venugopal, MD, FACC

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