Non-Pharmacologic Alternatives to Anticoagulation
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Video Transcription
So, I'd like to talk about getting off of drugs and talk about alternatives to it. So, certainly, we've all heard already, and you can't give a talk on atrial fibrillation
to say how rapidly it's growing. Risk of stroke is six-fold associated with AFib. Anticoagulation is the cornerstone of stroke prophylaxis in atrial fibrillation, but left
atrial appendage occluder devices were developed at first to address the unmet need of patients with contraindications to anticoagulation, primarily bleeding.
The use of these devices has grown steadily since first approved, although there's very wide variations in usage rates by geography and by clinical centers.
So, I just want to focus in my talk on the data in support of these devices and the limitations of them.
Video Summary
The video discusses alternatives to anticoagulation for stroke prophylaxis in atrial fibrillation (AFib), focusing on left atrial appendage occluder devices. The speaker highlights the data supporting the use of these devices and their limitations. They mention the PROTECT-AF study, which compared the Watchman device to warfarin and found a 39% lower risk of stroke with the device. The combined data of major bleed showed a 71% reduction with the device. The speaker also discusses the Amulet device, which was compared to Watchman in a head-to-head trial and showed similar efficacy and safety. The Amulet device had a significantly higher rate of left atrial occlusion. Both devices have low complication rates and further research is needed to determine device selection.
stroke prophylaxis
left atrial appendage occluder devices
Amulet device
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