Misunderstandings and Continuous Mismeasurement of Blood Pressure
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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. My name is Eugene Yang. I'm a cardiologist at the University of Washington and professor of medicine. I'm also the chair of the ACC Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Section and co-chair of the ACC Hypertension Working Group.
Today, we're going to talk about misunderstandings and continuous mismeasurement of blood pressure.
The reason why we felt this topic was important is that, as we know, hypertension is a leading cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.
And a lot of times, what we focus on are the guidelines and medications and treatment.
But probably one of the key elements that we really don't focus enough attention on is how to measure blood pressure correctly and accurately.
And the two locations where this is really most important are when we measure the blood pressure in the office for our patients, and then, secondly, how we educate patients how to measure blood pressure at home.
So the purpose of this webinar is really to focus on how do we measure blood pressure correctly and what are some of the pitfalls and opportunities to make improvements so that we're getting accurate measurements that we can then use to both diagnose hypertension as well as to treat it for patients who have blood pressure disorders.
So here are my disclosures, and none of these are relevant to the discussion today.
So what we're going to do here, we have three really outstanding speakers, and we're going to have them give about a 10-minute presentation.
The first talk will be focused on the epidemiology and the current contemporary guidelines for hypertension management that will be given by Dr. Ebinger from Cedars-Sinai.
The second talk will really focus specifically on how to measure blood pressure correctly in the office.
And then finally, we'll have a presentation about how to educate patients on proper equipment and technique for blood pressure measurement by Dr. Davis.
So with that start, I'm going to have our first presentation begin. Thank you. Hello, everyone. My name is Joe Ebinger.
I'm an associate professor of cardiology at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. I'm happy to discuss with you today the epidemiology and contemporary guidelines of hypertension management.
Video Summary
In the video transcript, Dr. Yang, a cardiologist, discusses the importance of measuring blood pressure correctly to improve cardiovascular health. Dr. Ebinger emphasizes the global burden of hypertension and the need for accurate blood pressure measurements. Dr. Brady details the proper techniques for measuring blood pressure in the office, highlighting the significance of cuff size and patient positioning. Dr. Davis addresses the challenges patients face in measuring blood pressure at home, including miscuffing and improper techniques. She stresses the importance of using validated devices and educating patients on accurate measurement practices. Overall, the speakers emphasize the critical role of accurate blood pressure measurement in diagnosing and managing hypertension for improved health outcomes.
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