Video 2: Recruitment and Logistics
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Video Transcription
In this segment, we will talk about the recruitment process as it relates to the NRMP and ERAS processes as well as the general timeline of events.
The NRMP keeps track of yearly statistics of all applicants for the match into cardiovascular medicine and these numbers are published yearly.
This slide shows the data for 2018 showing that about 1,260 applicants applied to cardiovascular disease fellowships of which 886 matched.
These numbers are public and released yearly in the NRMP data book. The process for recruitment is as follows. ERAS opens. This is generally in mid-July.
Video Summary
This video segment provides an overview of the recruitment process for cardiovascular medicine fellowships. The process typically begins in mid-July when the ERAS platform opens for programs to review applications. Programs then send out invitations for interviews in late summer or early fall. Interviews take place throughout the fall, and after the interview season, a rank list is finalized in the NRMP match software. The NRMP releases the final match results in early December, and unmatched programs and applicants can communicate to fill any remaining spots. It is important for program directors to plan, adhere to deadlines, and navigate both the ERAS and NRMP platforms.
recruitment process
cardiovascular medicine fellowships
ERAS platform
NRMP match software
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