Video 3: Identifying and Applying COCATS Curriculum Recommendations
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Video Transcription
Today I'm going to be talking about curriculum development, or specifically the identification
and application of COCATS, the American College of Cardiology Core Cardiology Training Symposium document and curricular recommendations that come from that document.
COCATS originates in the mid-90s with the first generation of the core document coming out in 1995 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
Since that time, there's been three subsequent revisions, COCATS 2, 3, and 4, the most recent of which was published in 2015.
A number of task forces for each portion of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular medicine, has reached 15 total in the most recent iteration.
And these roughly correspond to clinical rotations or domains of cardiology with some degree of overlap.
COCATS 4 is the primary consensus reference document for fellowship training in cardiology. And this quote's taken from its introductory statement and serves the purpose of defining
Video Summary
The video discusses curriculum development in the context of cardiology training. It focuses on COCATS (American College of Cardiology Core Cardiology Training Symposium) and its revisions over the years. The video highlights the competencies and activities outlined in COCATS 4 and emphasizes a shift towards patient-centric education. It also suggests using a broader framework when considering curriculum design, such as considering the whole curriculum, grounding it in theory or evidence, and using deliberative or leadership processes. The video provides a case example of an annual program evaluation and emphasizes the importance of aligning the curriculum with COCATS and addressing the hidden curriculum. In conclusion, the video encourages fellowship directors to view COCATS as a practical roadmap while considering a broader framework for curriculum development.
curriculum development
cardiology training
patient-centric education
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