Special Focus Video: The Training Program Toolkit
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Video Transcription
In previous sessions, we've learned about methods and strategies for assessment and feedback for
our trainees. In this session, we will highlight some of the practical tools and resources that
are available online to help you with assessment and evaluation. But first, let's have some vocabulary reminders for the measuring sticks that we use for our trainees. Previously,
we learned about EPA's Entrustable Professional Activities and Milestones and how these are tied
to competency-based evaluation. But as a reminder, the EPA, the activity, describes the work being
done. The competency describes the physician doing the work. And the milestones are stages in the development of a specific competence. As Program Director, it's your job to ensure
Video Summary
This video discusses practical tools and resources available online for assessment and evaluation in a fellowship program. It highlights the ACC Fellowship Program Tools website, which offers assessment templates and evaluations for different rotations and competencies. The website also provides curated EPA documents and other resources such as curriculum tools and faculty development suggestions. The video encourages program directors to utilize these resources and provide feedback to improve the platform.
assessment tools
evaluation resources
fellowship program
ACC Fellowship Program Tools
assessment templates
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