Video 3, Part 3: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety for the Fellow-in-Training
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Video Transcription
Now we want to move on to some QI pointers and tips from the pros. We've discussed experiences with fellow in training projects with several training
program directors and quality improvement professionals and wanted to pass along some high-yield pearls on mentoring quality improvement projects
that we have learned. First, FITs need to clearly define and scope the quality improvement or patient safety problem to be addressed. As we had mentioned earlier
that problem needs to clearly state elements of who is contributing to the problem, what is contributing to the problem, where the problem is occurring,
when it is occurring, and what the extent of that problem or on the converse side the opportunity is. This problem, given that we are all health care providers
Video Summary
This video provides tips and pointers for mentoring quality improvement projects for fellows in training. It emphasizes the importance of clearly defining the problem to be addressed, working as a team, protecting time for project work, and developing clear metrics to measure progress. The video also discusses the importance of setting SMART goals and acting as a champion for the fellows' projects. It concludes by highlighting the potential for scholarly dissemination of quality improvement work and providing a list of additional resources.
quality improvement projects
fellows in training
problem definition
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