Video 3, Part 2: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety for the Fellow-in-Training
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Video Transcription
methodology is beyond the scope of this lecture, we thought it would be helpful to present a framework to be used for both educating fellows on quality improvement methodology
and for actually completing quality improvement projects. The table presented here is used for QI at the University of Pennsylvania and is called
the A3 framework, named this because it is typically developed and printed on an A3 piece of paper.
Video Summary
The A3 framework is a tool used for quality improvement projects. It is divided into a left side and a right side. The left side focuses on understanding the current problem and condition through data gathering and root cause analysis. The right side is dedicated to taking action through planning, executing, and studying the results of a quality improvement intervention. The framework emphasizes the importance of clearly defining the problem, setting target conditions, proposing and testing countermeasures, and sustaining the gains achieved. The A3 framework follows a logical flow from problem identification to intervention implementation and standardization.
A3 framework
quality improvement projects
data gathering
root cause analysis
quality improvement intervention
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