Special Focus Video: Faculty Development
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Video Transcription
Thank you for joining me in this brief discussion about faculty development. My name is Melanie Celestio, and I am a general cardiologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center.
Today, I will be going over several aspects of faculty development in the context of how it applies to a cardiovascular fellowship program.
I will go over what faculty development is, why it's important. I'll give you some examples of areas of faculty development as well as touch upon opportunities where
and how it might be applicable to faculty with different levels of involvement in medical education. Let's get started. First of all, what is faculty development exactly?
Faculty development, as you can see defined here, is instruction or program designed to prepare faculty members for their various roles.
The goal of improving instructor's knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching, research, and administration. For the purpose of the discussion today,
I will be discussing faculty development for medical education and teaching. But why is faculty development important? Particularly, why is it important
Video Summary
In this video, Dr. Melanie Celestio discusses faculty development in the context of a cardiovascular fellowship program. She defines faculty development as instruction or programs designed to prepare faculty members for their various roles and explains why it is important in a training program. She lists several examples of areas of faculty development, such as teaching skills, evaluating learners, and giving feedback. Dr. Celestio also highlights different levels of faculty with respect to medical education and suggests opportune times for providing faculty development, including entering faculty into an institution and utilizing teaching evaluations. She concludes by providing resources for further information on faculty development.
faculty development
teaching skills
evaluating learners
medical education
teaching evaluations
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