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Video Transcription
Hello, my name is Jim Arrigui, and I'd like to welcome you to the Training Directors Program.
This program has been put together by the American College of Cardiology with the Cardiovascular Training Leadership Council and Section.
This module will cover ACGME structure and accreditation process, and will be part of a larger module that covers issues related to accreditation of our fellowship programs.
The objectives of this session are to describe what is accreditation as it pertains to a fellowship program in cardiology, how does the process unfold annually, what accreditation
status can my program have, and what are my responsibilities as a program director. Note that program requirements will be discussed in the next module. So what is accreditation?
First, it is important to note that it is not certification. Individuals rather than programs receive certification through the certification boards, such as
the American Board of Internal Medicine. In contrast, programs and institutions receive accreditation through the ACGME in a process
that assesses compliance with peer-derived standards, or the so-called program requirements. This distinction is important.
In general, if a program director has a question about an individual, say this individual has deviated from the usual training pathway, or perhaps it's a question about prior credit
for training, then this question would go to the certification boards, not the ACGME. If, however, you have a question about structure of a program, or resources, or other things
Video Summary
The video provides an overview of the ACGME accreditation process for fellowship programs in cardiology. It clarifies the difference between certification and accreditation, emphasizing that individuals receive certification while programs and institutions receive accreditation. The video explains that the ACGME Board of Directors sets policy and delegates accreditation authority to review committees. The Review Committee in Internal Medicine, composed of peers, handles the accreditation decisions for programs in cardiology and its subspecialties. The accreditation process occurs annually and includes the assessment of data such as surveys, ABIM pass rates, and information entered into the online ADS system. The program director is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the data entered into ADS, which includes faculty and fellow rosters, scholarly activity, and other program information. The video also discusses the accreditation status schema and emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement in program structure and outcomes. It concludes by outlining the program director's role in the accreditation process, including staying engaged with the internal medicine program director, maintaining accurate ADS data, and ensuring an effective evaluation system.
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1. ACGME Program Directors Virtual Handbook. 2000-2019. Available at: Accessed 01/07/2019.
ACGME accreditation process
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Review Committee in Internal Medicine
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